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Chairman of Green Environment Services fined Rs50 lakh for polluting waterbody


A penalty has been imposed on the chairman of Vatva GIDC estate based Green Environment Services Co-operative Society Ltd, Shankar Patel, for pollution.

The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) slapped a penalty of Rs50 lakh on Kiri Dyes and Chemical Ltd for polluting the water body of Dudhwada village in Padra taluka of Vadodara.

The electricity connection for the unit has also been severed.

Interestingly, Shankar Patel, who owns Kiri Dyes and Chemicals Ltd is also known for his work in the field of environment protection. Popularly known as Shankar kaka, the penalty has come as a surprise for many.

Patel was part of the GPCB’s efforts to set up an Effluent Treatment Plant to prevent the dumping of effluent in the rivers of Ahmedabad.

The Kiri Dyes and Chemicals of which Shankar Patel and others are directors was operational from plot no 390 A/B in Vadodara’s Dudhwada village.

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An inspection by GPCB on June 13 and 14 this year at the company’s unit revealed that chemical wastewater was being pumped out through the compound wall through a secret pipeline.

This water along with rainwater was finding its way to the pond of the village. GPCB officials also collected water samples from the pond and a test confirmed that it had chemical waste in it.

Following this, a notice was issued to the company and later it was fined

What the order includes

  1. The company has to immediately stop all manufacturing activities.
  2. Electricity connection will be severed following a fortnight of the notice
  3. Captive source of power, including generators, cannot be used for production, if found they too will be shut down
  4. The company needs to deposit the CCTV footage of June 13, 2020
  5. Pay an interim penalty of Rs50 lakh for pollution

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What happens if orders are not followed

GPCB has said that if its orders are not followed legal action will be taken against the company which also entails 1.5 year prison term which can be increased up to six years apart from the penalty.

Shankar Patel, director of Kiri Dyes and Chemicals told Gujarat Exclusive that the company has already paid the penalty.

“We have paid the penalty. We have a dispute with villagers in the matter. In June during a storm, the CCTVs had been damaged. At that time someone put a pipe between our wall and the canal. Since the wall was made of wood it was easy for them to drill a hole in it and place the pipe. I said that we should approach the high court for a stay but our directors did not agree. I told them that if you accept the penalty it amounts to you being guilty but since they did not agree we paid the penalty. The company will begin functioning soon,” said Shanker Patel.