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Centre imposes ban on printing calendars, diaries by govt entities


The Centre has directed Union government entities to stop printing calendars, diaries and greeting cards. The Centre has also instructed government entities to refrain from printing coffee-table books.

The printing ban is applicable to government entities such as Union ministries and departments. Additionally, it also includes public sector undertakings (PSUs) and public sector banks.

Ban imposed by finance ministry

The printing ban has been communicated to the concerned Union government entities in the form of an office memorandum. The office memorandum on ‘Economy Instructions—Printing Activities’ has been issued by the Department of Expenditure. The department comes under the Union finance ministry.

Govt entities asked to opt for e-books

The Ministry of Finance has asked the government entities to opt for e-books. While imposing ban on coffee-table books, the ministry said that e-books will be encouraged.

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The cost-effective as well as nature-friendly decision to opt for e-books rather than their hard copy form has been welcomed by many government entities.

Why the decision has been taken?

The decision has been taken to save unnecessary printing cost and adopt technology for greater efficiency. Notably, using technological innovations for planning, scheduling and forecasting are known to be economical, efficient and effective.

Further, all the government departments and offices have been directed to make efforts to adopt innovative means to use digital or online method for these items.

Office memorandum

“The Government of India has decided that there will be no activities towards printing wall calendars, desktop calendars, diaries festival greeting cards and similar materials for use in the coming year by any Ministries/Departments/PSUs/PSBs and all other organs of the government. All such activity shall go digital and online,” the ministry said.

Tradition of office calendars, diaries

The tradition of office calendars and diaries is age-old in government institutions. The calendar published in government set-up is widely distributed and carries a list of pre-approved holidays in the months to come. Also, calendars and diaries are distributed by government agencies to their clients and customers during the New Year. In fact, it is a very old tradition.


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