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Case Registered Against the Award Winning film ‘Hellaro’


National Award Winner Gujarati Film ‘Hellaro’ has used the caste related words for scheduled castes. Jamnaben Vegda Ahmedabad Municipal councilor from Danilimda ward of Ahmedabad, accused the film’s director, producer, and Dialogues writer at Kagadapith police station and registered a case against them.

The Congress Municipal Councilor after watching the film see that the word is being used in the film for people belonging to a caste which has been banned.But people associated with a caste are being insulted by using such a word repeatedly in the film and the words and dialogues are trying to humiliate them.

After which he had registered a FIR against Abhishek Shah, Ashish Patel, Nivar Patel, Ayush Patel, Mitt Jani, Prateek Gupta and Dialogue writer Saumya Joshi who are associated with the film Hellaro.

After the matter came to light, Congress leader and Municipal Councilor of Baharampura ward Badruddin Shaikh, said that such a film should be banned. Although ,it is not giving any lesson to the society but insulting people who believe in any one caste. He said that Jamnaben Chavda has given evidence of his fearlessness by registering an FIR against the people associated with the film. Our entire team will stand with Jamnaben regarding this film case.