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Hit-and-run in Ahmedabad: Car runs over family sleeping on footpath, kills 1

  • The car with four passengers drove over the footpath near Shivranjani, killing a woman and injuring a man and two children

Ahmedabad: In a hit-and-run incident in Ahmedabad, a woman was killed and two children and a man injured when the driver of a car lost control of the vehicle and drove it onto the footpath they were sleeping on. The incident took place late on Monday night.

According to available details, a speeding i-20 car went off the road near Shivranjani crossroads in the city and got onto the adjacent footpath. It drove over two families of labourers sleeping on the footpath at that time.

Four people, including two children, were injured in the accident. According to reports, the victims had gone to sleep at 12 after finishing their dinner. The incident took place at 12.36 am. The victims’ screams alerted other people in the vicinity. Scared, the passengers of the car separated and fled towards Nehru Nagar and Shivranjani.

The hit-and-run case

People who had started gathering at the spot tried to catch them, but they managed to escape.

The traffic police has taken note of the accident; however, the driver and the passengers are yet to be traced or identified. Bystanders opined that the four were drunk and probably trying to race.

According to police sources, the car involved in the hit-and-run is registered in the name of Shailesh Shah and the police are investigating further.


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