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Body of Captain Ankit Gupta recovered after 6 days


Six days after an Army commando, Captain Ankit Gupta, drowned in Jodhpur’s Takhat Sagar lake, the Navy divers were finally able to retrieve his body on Tuesday. The body was trapped between two rocks inside the water body.

Captain Ankit Gupta drowned six days ago during a para jumping exercise in the reservoir. The Army had summoned expert divers of the Indian Navy to search the body of the commando. In the past six days, over 100 Army and Navy personnel were involved in the search operation.

Captain Gupta’s family members waited with bated breath with all the hopes, but family members were saddened when the news of the retrieval of the body was conveyed to them. The body was taken to the military hospital.

Body trapped between rocks

Army sources said that the body got trapped between two rocks underwater. The army used various methods to search the body and underwater lights were also used by the naval divers to track the body, but they could not find it.

Efforts were also made to stir the water of the reservoir using heavy-duty compressors and hose pipes to retrieve the body, but all efforts failed.

Later, a retired employee of the waterworks department, Shyam Singh, was summoned. He told the naval divers the location where the rocks were there inside the reservoir. This clue given by Shyam Singh proved to be of great help and the navy divers started diving deep inside the reservoir where the rocks were located.

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The body that got trapped between two rocks could not be retrieved because of the heavy commando uniform and the bags that the commando was carrying. Normally, a body starts floating after it is drowned within two-three days, but the captain’s body could not come out as it was trapped and the heavy load prevented the body to come up.

Captain Ankit Gupta jumped from a helicopter

Captain Gupta, who was leading an army commando’s para jumping exercise along with four persons drowned after jumping from a helicopter. There were four other commandos involved in the exercise.

After the jump, three commandos came out from the water, but there was no trace of Captain Gupta. Experts feel that Captain Gupta jumped deep inside the reservoir and got trapped between the rocks and he could not get himself out and drowned. He belonged to Gurugram and was married in November last year.


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