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Can’t Speak English, Better Stay Back’ Gujarat CM Rupani Filtered Out From ‘Namaste Trump’


US President Donald Trump’s visit to Ahmedabad is in discussed all across India. Every day there are new revelations about Trump’s visit. According to the new information, the authority and responsibilities of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has been cut, and in place of him Ahmedabad Mayor Bijal Patel has been handed the accountability to receive Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Bijal Patel is made the chairman of the Trump Citizen Greeting Committee.

The controversy that began yesterday at Trump’s salutation spendings has taken a new turn. Yesterday, when question arised on Trump’s reception cost of more than 100 Crore, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar announced that US President Trump’s greetings is not done by the government but by an institution called the “Citizen Greeting Committee”. Now according to the new information, Ahmedabad Mayor Bijal Patel has been showed forward as the committee’s Coordinator or Chairman. In such a situation, Bijal Patel, not CM Rupani, will be responsible for Trump’s protocol.

Discussion of the ‘Rupani jaye che’ (CM will be back to pavilion) been going on since last 6 months. Rupani is being removed from his responsibilities repeatedly on various occasions. From the secretariat to the road, there has been talk of various departments of the state being run not by the CM and his ministry, but by various individuals and personalities. In which Rupani has been removed from the protocol and a new story has been included on the discussion stage.

Until now traditionally, when a foreign president visited states with the Prime Minister of India, the protocol was given by the chief minister of that state. However, now when the world’s two largest democracies are being met, accountability is entrusted to the mayor of a metropolitan corporation. In such a situation, a discussion has started from Delhi to Dwarka regarding the honor of CM Rupani. However, according to a reliable source of the secretariat, CM Rupani has been removed from the ceremony leading to the fact that he is not well versed in the English language.