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Calls for Boycott Muslims in Kutch Villages, Restricted Muslim’s Entry


The spirit of Muslim protesters has been seized in Navnagar and Ratnal village of Kutch following the announcement of India closure On January 29 in opposition to the CAA. A BJP leader from Kutch had forwarded a WhatsApp message saying that the participants of the protest should not be allowed to come to eat in the hotels. A Muslim vendor was stopped from selling vegetables in Navanagar. While the participants were warned not to park the vehicle.

It is for the first time that such an anti-government slogan is being witnessed in India. Strong protesters are walking on the streets against controversial citizenship laws. Muslims have been at the forefront of the protests, as they are provocative speeches by ministers and fierce attacks on them, increasing the risk of social oppression against their religious identity statement. Muslims have been targeted in Kutch after the announcement of shutting India on 29th January by various organizations in protest against the CAA. While at least four people have been victims of the protests.

In Ratnal and Navnagar villages of Kutch (Gujarat), people who are being boycotted by Muslims are being evicted. There is no Muslim resident in these villages. Even the entry of Muslims has also been banned and anti-national banners have also been prohibited.

Ratnal is a native of the state welfare minister Vasanbhai Ahir of social and educational backward classes. There is a village with a population of about 6 thousand. There is an increase in the number of Dalits and Rabbis in other communities living here.

The orange banners have been here for the past few days. While this banner states that those who do not support the country should not park or stop vehicles in this village. However, Gamlock said they had never heard of this before.

Anjar PI MD Zala said, “I have not heard about the outfit. I have been investigating the matter. When I visited the place I did not see the banner. Someone may have knocked it over there.

Muslims should not enter this village

A video is circulating on social media in Navanagar village where a Muslim vegetable seller, Hasan Maiman, is being warned by two youths to enter the village.

Speaking to the 39-year-old Maiman, he said, ‘The youths have left me scared and told me that this is a village of Hindus. No Muslim people should enter here.

‘They warned me not to visit the village and also recorded a video of our conversation on their phone.’ Navanagar Takf from Panhadro Panchayat goes on to do business for selling vegetables from Maimana and he earns around 1000-1500 a day.
He was also threatened daily and said that you should not come to this village afterwords. Navanagar consists of Hindu families of Pakistan who migrated here after the 1971 war. It has a population of about 1,500 to 2,000 and has lived in this village for the last several years due to the majority.

WA Controversial message

Following the announcement of the January 29 ban, photos of local BJP leader Bharat Sanghvi of Kutch were sent ahead. Hotels were also closed in support of the closure. We have stopped dining there to show our support for the CAA.

When he was further asked, he said, “I have received messages from several groups and forwarded them without checking. Later I saw these messages and deleted them. I do not believe in boycotting Muslims. I have opened at least 800 accounts of Muslim laborers in the post office.’

‘The BJP has a structure. The BJP leader made similar remarks about criminal offenses under IPC 153 (a). Because we are religionless. Such statements and acts are prohibited under various laws including IPC in the country. Such people must be arrested. The BJP as a party must be expelled.’

In another incident, a young Muslim man employed in a clinic warned of dire consequences for supporting protesters in Shaheenbagh. Kamran (name changed) said he was labeled anti-national for participating in protests. He said he was so devastated that he didn’t want to talk about it.

Investigation launched by Range IG

“Everyone knows what’s going on in our country,” said Ibrahim Halpotra, chairman of the Akhil Kutch Sunni Muslim Protest Committee. We don’t want things to be shaped. So we have compiled these events and reported about it to Kutch Range IG Subhash Trivedi.

Meanwhile, Hellepotra has also appealed to members of her community not to respond to hateful posts on social media and to inform the police if an unforeseen incident occurs. “We have started a dialogue with the village elders in Panadhro and the issue will be resolved soon,” said Halporta. “We have launched an investigation into the matter,” Range IG Subash Trivedi said. Ananda Yagnik, a lawyer and activist condemning the incidents, said that ‘this was a violation of Article 17 of the Constitution. No one can be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion. People under oath should not make religious threatening statements. Action should be taken against them. The party in power must ensure that its workers are treated with it.’

BJP spokesperson Bharat Pandya said that the party was committed to maintaining unity and sovereignty of the country. Responding to incidents that promote anti-Muslim sentiment, he said the BJP believes in religious equality. Such language is inappropriate. No one spread the debate. One should not spread any misconceptions about the CAA.