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Rajasthan: 6 BSP MLAs who joined Congress now demand Cabinet berths


Six legislators of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, who officially joined the Congress and are supporting the Ashok Gehlot government, are now demanding their pound of flesh. The six legislators, who were originally elected on a BSP ticket, merged into Congress.

In the official record, they are now Congress legislators. The merger, however, has been challenged by the BSP national leadership in the Supreme Court.

A senior functionary of this group, Rajendra Singh Gudha, along with two other legislators  Lakhan Meena and Sandeep Yadav, have now come out in open and said they should be rewarded for merging the BSP with the Congress.

“If our group and 10 Independents had not supported the Gehlot government, it would not have been in power today. The government was almost in minority last year when Sachin Pilot led a rebellion along with 19 Congress legislators and three Independents. We saved the government by extending our timely support to the Gehlot government,” Gudha said.

Now as the rebel Pilot group is exerting pressure on Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to expand the Cabinet and accommodate the dissidents, we want to stress that we should also be rewarded, he added. “We have been insisting on the AICC general secretary Ajay Maken, but barring promises Maken did nothing,” Gudha said.

Sachin Pilot behind the move

According to political observers, Gudha, the firebrand leader’s move has been prompted by Sachin Pilot and the idea was to corner Gehlot who is deferring the Cabinet expansion for several months now.

A Congress MLA, Harish Meena, who is a former DGP and sided with Sachin Pilot in the last July rebellion said he still is with Pilot and would always be loyal to him, but he would also be loyal to the Congress. Meena, who is a former BJP MP  quit  BJP to join the Congress in the 2018 Vidhan Sabha election.

The expansion of the Cabinet has become a difficult issue with the rebels within the party and the volatile mood of the BSP legislators and the Independents. Gehlot would find it tough to accommodate all.


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