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BSP leader Mayawati says it supports the BJP in India-China stand-off


BSP supremo Mayawati on Monday came out in support of the ruling BJP in the India-China face off. Mayawati in a statement said that politics by the BJP and Congress was a matter of great concern.

“BSP stands with BJP on the India-China border issue. Politics being done by BJP and Congress by levelling accusations at each other over India-China border issue is not in the interest of the nation. It is a matter of great concern,” said the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

She said that China can take advantage of the situation and other important issues are being ignored and the citizens are losing out because of such politics.

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She also attacked the Congress for the migrant crisis stating that if the party had done anything for them during the COVID-19 lockdown they wouldn’t have gone looking for jobs.

Several opposition leaders have agreed to stand by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on China and Congress is the only party asking questions of the government and its handling of the issue particularly the near silence and opacity on the matter. It has time and again also pointed out to the conflicting statements coming from the Prime Minister on the India-China face off.