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BSP demands disqualification of its 6 MLAs in Rajasthan for merger with Congress


The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has requested the Speaker of the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha to disqualify six MLAs, who contested and won the 2018 Assembly polls on BSP symbol.

The president of the Rajasthan state unit of the BSP, Bhagwan Singh Baba, submitted the petition demanding the disqualification of the BSP MLAs as they have illegally joined the Congress. He said the merger of the BSP MLAs in the Congress was illegal as the party has not merged with the Congress at the national level. As there is no merger of the BSP at the national level, the state unit cannot merge itself with any party.

SC notice to Speaker and BSP MLAs

The Supreme Court on Thursday served notices to the Speaker of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha, CP Joshi, questioning the legality of his decision to approve the merger of the six BSP MLAs in the Congress. The Supreme Court has also served notices to the six BSP MLAs.

The Speaker has granted approval to the merger of the BSP MLAs into Congress in the year 2019. This merger was challenged by a BJP MLAs Madan Dilawar in February 2020 in the Vidhan Sabha, but the Speaker did not entertain his question.

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When the crisis in the Rajasthan Congress was at its peak last year with Sachin Pilot leading a rebellion, the BSP MLAs reiterated their stand and said they have joined Congress as a part of the merger of the party into Congress. This merger issue was challenged by the BJP MLA Dilawar in the Rajasthan High Court also.

In the Supreme Court, BSP’s lawyer Satish Chandra Mishra said that since BSP is a national party and it has not merged with the Congress, the merger of the Rajasthan BSP’s MLAs in Congress was null and void. After hearing the plea, the Supreme Court issued notices to Joshi and the BSP MLAs.


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