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BSF disposes off Pakistani intruder’s body


Seventeen days after he was gunned down by the Border Security Force (BSF), the body of the Pakistani intruder was laid to rest by the Rajasthan Police at Anupgarh on Sunday. The unidentified intruder was shot down by the BSF near a post in Anupgarh while he was trying to cross the fence separating the two nations.

The second intruder from Pakistan was also hit in the Anupgarh sector on March 20 when he tried to enter the Indian territory. The BSF then handed over the body to the local police that got the post-mortem performed and the body is lying in its custody in the Anupgarh police station.

Pakistani mission did not accept body

The Pakistani mission has been informed about the two persons, but the Pakistani mission has not responded. According to international laws, if a person dies while illegally crossing the border, the nation should hand over his body to the country to which the person belongs.

The two-nation also perform the flag meetings and if the flag meeting is not held, then only the Pakistani mission is informed. If the Pakistani mission accepts that the body is of its citizen, then only the body is handed over to the mission.

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But it has been seen that when the BSF refuses to come for a flag meeting, the Pakistani mission also does not respond to the local police.

Intruders common in Anupgarh sector

As intruding from this Anupgarh sector has become too frequent, both the Pakistani Rangers and the Pakistan mission in Delhi often do not claim the body. In such cases, the local police through BSF inform the Pakistani Rangers that the body is being disposed of in India.

According to BSF official, the Kailash post and Sherpura Chowki on the Indian side are very close to a Pakistani village. On the Pakistani side, there is a village very close to the zero line and there are eight hundred families who live in the Pakistani village. At times, the people come near the border and the BSF mistakenly take them as an intruder and shoot them.

But according to another BSF official, such intruders come near the fencing on the zero lines, but such persons come for spying purposes and are sent by the Pakistani intelligence agency.

The defence ministry in association with the home ministry is contemplating a change in all such cases and the body will now be disposed off after 48 hours after informing the Pakistani mission.


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