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BSF eliminates two Pakistani smugglers in Rajasthan


Two Pakistani intruders were shot dead by the BSF in the Ganganagar sector of Rajasthan along the Indo-Pak border. The BSF on Wednesday morning shot dead the two alleged heroin smugglers as they tried to enter the Indian territory under the Khyaliwala border post.

The BSF personnel recovered two pistols and eight kilograms of heroin. The market value of the seized contraband is in crores.

Smugglers warned before opening fire

A BSF official said that the patrolling BSF guards along the Indo-Pak border in the Ganganagar sector saw two persons carrying bags trying to enter the fenced Indian territory. The BSF personnel warned them and asked to return to the Pakistani side. However, the two intruders defying the warning tried to cross the fencing and enter the Indian territory. Thereafter, the BSF guards opened fire to kill the two drug smugglers on the spot.

Arms, contraband seized from intruders

Two pistols, 28 cartridges, four magazines and one night vision device have been recovered from the intruders. Additionally, eight packets each containing a kilogram of heroin were found near the two dead bodies.

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Pakistani currency worth Rs 13,000 was also found from them. A letter introducing Shahbaz Ali, son of Mushtaque Alin was also found from one of the dead bodies.

Smugglers use the Ganganagar route to smuggle drugs into Punjab

Ganganagar is along the Pakistani Punjab side and is close to Bahawalpur. Recently, the drug smugglers have chosen this sector for smuggling drugs into Punjab. Ganganagar is on the border of Punjab. The drug smugglers have been active on the Indo-Pak border in the Ganganagar sector after the killing of four drug smugglers by the BSF recently at the Punjab frontier.

Barmer sector used for smuggling fake currency

The Barmer sector is being used by the Pakistan for smuggling fake Indian currency. Recently, the police found Rs 1 lakh in fake Indian currency along the border.

Meanwhile, the Rajasthan police arrested one Mira Khan, who is a suspected accomplice of Mushtaque, who was working for the Pakistan intelligence in Barmer. In fact, the police learned that Mira Khan visited Pakistan in the year 2019 and was actively supporting Mushtaque in the espionage activities.


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