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BREAKING: Gas leakage in pipeline in Bhuyangdev, Ahmedabad


A gas leakage in pipeline incidentwas reported in Bhuyangdev in Ahmedabad. The incident happened after some work related to the drainage line was going on and the gas pipeline got accidentally damaged leading to the gas leakage.

Fire brigade was immediately informed of the decision.

The gas leakage has been contained but due to the the incident gas supply to households in the area was stopped. Some societies may see their PNG supply being affected for a longer period of time. Officials were not willing to comment but said things will be back to normal soon.

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The work in the drainage pipe, however, continues. Earlier an incident of fire was reported from Satav Flat on the seventh floor in Paldi.

The incident happened after a blast in the gas cylinder. The fire brigade had managed to save 40 people in the incident.


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