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‘Not paid a cent’: Brazil president Bolsonaro clarifies amid controversy over Covaxin deal


Brasilia: Amid the ongoing controversy over purchase of India-made Covaxin by Brazil, the country’s President Jair Bolsonaro has said that no money has been paid for and no receipt made of the vaccine.

The controversy relates to a contract signed by Brazil for 20 million doses of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, worth $320 milion. The prosecutor-general’s office (PGR) red-flagged the pending approval by the regulatory body, the higher prices and the speedy talks for the contract which was signed in February.

The authorities questioned the Brazilian health ministry’s decision to agree to purchase Covaxin despite it not having cleared the regulatory hurdles and being priced at $15 per dose which was much higher than the amount paid for the Pfizer vaccine which had already got approval.

In his clarification, Bolsonaro said that Brazil had not paid a single cent. He also pledged to take action if any kind of corruption was found in the government.


The purchase deal   

The deal had been signed in Febuary. However, it ran into trouble after Brazil’s health regulatory agency ANVISA did not clear it for use.

According to Covaxin’s Brazilian import partner Precisa Medicamentos, ANVISA required more stringent technical and documentation procedures.

According to a Reuters report, Bharat Biotech had said that it had been consistent and transparent in its pricing with all governments and that it had yet to supply vaccines to Brazil.

Meanwhile, Covaxin has received permission to conduct phase 3 clinical trial via its Brazilian partner.

Bolsonaro had come under severe criticism for his handling of the country’s Covid-19 situation. Brazil has the second highest number of Covid-related deaths in the world.



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