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#boycottIndiGo: IndiGo Cancels Female Passenger Ticket For 3 Minutes Delay in Taking Boarding Pass


Ahmedabad: Aviation Company IndiGo is in discussion these days. Especially, questions are being raised about the company’s behaviour towards the passengers. Sometimes a passenger is banned for six months without investigation or a female passenger Flight is cancelled for a three-minute delay in taking a boarding pass.

IndiGo cancelled a female passenger’s flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai on board IndiGo Flight No-6E214 (A320) at 9:15 am today (Saturday). A woman was going from Ahmedabad to Mumbai to give an interview. According to the information given by the female passenger to Gujarat Exclusive, her check-in time was 8:30, but she arrived at the counter at 8:33 with a delay of just three minutes. Although she reached the airport on time, but due to the woman being engaged in the line, there was a delay of three minutes. In such a situation, Indigo refused to give a boarding pass saying that the woman had arrived three minutes late.

The road work had increased trouble for the passengers

It is noteworthy that US President Donald Trump is coming to Ahmedabad this month. In such a situation, the routes of the airport area is full of traffic because the work is going on the roads. This is the reason that many passengers are not able to reach the airport on time due to traffic. The female passenger going from Ahmedabad to Mumbai for an interview also faced the same problem. However, she arrived inside the airport at check-in time but IndiGo refused to give the boarding pass and told her to get her second flight ticket and go to Mumbai.

Many questions, who will answer?

The question is how many IndiGo companies have lost their tickets by cancelling so far. It is a case of asking for information through an RTI, how much money IndiGo and other companies make by harassing tourists? Many questions are being raised on IndiGo Company. If IndiGo cancels a passenger ticket with a delay of 3 minutes, should not the passengers be fully compensated? Is the IndiGo Company making money by cheating its passengers? It seems that all the rules and laws of the Ministry of Aviation are earning money by adopting a policy of ‘hunting two birds with one stone’.

The lady said, ‘#boycottIndiGo’

IndiGo cancelled the ticket of a female passenger and forced her to take a 10 o’clock flight, which caused a double burden on this female passenger’s pocket. The female passenger expressed her grief in one word ‘#boycottIndiGo’. Recently, when comedian Kunal Kamra did a bad job in flight with TV journalist Arnav Goswami, IndiGo banned the trip on Kunal. Not only this, many other companies had also banned Kunal, after which many celebrities raised questions on IndiGo. In this connection, IndiGo was Boycott by producer, director Anurag Kashyap, supporting Kunal.