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Bouncers to be deployed along with traffic police at BRTS corridors


Numerous accidents are reported in cities like Ahmedabad and Surat and involvement of BRTS busses is often seen in the accidents. Today, the state government has made an important decision in which bouncers along with the traffic police will be deployed in the BRTS corridors. This will facilitate traffic regulation.

Deputy Commissioner of Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd, which manages the BRTS has acknowledged that in a coordinated campaign with the traffic police, AMC has placed its bouncers at eight different locations in Ahmedabad. The campaign will continue for the next few days in the corridor at eastern Ahmedabad.

In the wake of the ever-increasing BRTS accidents in the city, several questions have been raised on the BRTS busses. Drivers entering the BRTS corridor have also become a headache. Vehicles in the BRTS Corridor are prohibited from driving, but the drivers do drive their own cars into the BRTS corridor. To prevent accidents in BRTS Corridor Bouncers have now been put in place in the city.

Bouncers are deployed for security in the BRTS corridor. Bouncers were also seen standing alongside the traffic police in the BRTS corridor today who were seen blocking private vehicles coming into the corridor.