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Bootlegger couriers liquor bottles, it end up with cops


A bootlegger decided to escape the police scrutiny and send Indian Made Foreign Liquor by a courier. 

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, the state has increased scrutiny at various check posts. 


To escape the police scrutiny of vehicles and passengers at these checkpoints, the bootlegger came up an innovation.

Unfortunately, the bottles broke while in transit and the stink brought the cops to the courier.

Police recovered a courier with 16 bottles of IMFL in it from one Anjani Couriers near Avkar Hotel in Gita Mandir area of the city.

Kagdapith Police sub-inspector KA Jadeja on Wednesday got a tip-off that one of the couriers at Anjani Couriers had some illegal substance in it.

Cops asked the in-charge at the service to open one of the couriers. 

They found 16 bottles of IMFL, some of which were broken. 

The leak led to the whole shop stinking because of it.

A probe revealed that the parcel was for one Vijay Chauhan a resident of Naroda. 

A Rajasthan resident had sent the courier.

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The cops have now decided to keep an eye on the courier services in the state after the new modus operandi of bringing liquor into Gujarat has come to fore.

Gujarat police gets K-9 squad

To hunt the illegal liquor sale happening in the city and state the Gujarat police recently got its first alcohol-hunting squad. 

Five beagle puppies were inducted in the squad. 

The dogs are trained to sniff out alcohol from hidden compartments. 

A lot of the liquor transported to Gujarat are hidden in secret compartments in vehicles. 

Recently the cops recovered country-made liquor stored in the engine of a three-wheeler and under the passenger seat of a rickshaw. 

Close to 30 cases of bootlegging were reported from the city during Lockdown.

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