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Bond…James Bond actor Sean Connery passes away at 90


Sir Sean Connery, the Scottish actor who played James Bond, died at the age of 90 in his sleep. He had been unwell for some time. The actor was the first to play the role of James Bond on the big screen and in all did seven 007 movies between 1962 to 1983.

Some of these were Dr No, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever and Never Say Never Again. His son was quoted by BBC as saying that the actor died peacefully in his sleep in the Bahamas. He was unwell for some time.

He won an Oscar for his role as an Irish cop in The Untouchables and also won two Bafta awards and three Golden Globes during his career.

Life of Sean Connery

Born into poverty in Edinburgh, Connery worked as a labourer and did several odd jobs. He was then drafted into the Royal Navy before beginning his career as a model thanks to his penchant for bodybuilding. He also came third in the Mr Universe competition in 1950.

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Connery landed the role of James Bond without a screen test although he was not a well-known actor then. His first Bond movie Dr No in 1962 got him international fame. He left the franchise after You Only Live Twice but returned for Diamonds Are Forever for which he was dismissed as too old for the role.

He would play James Bond for one last time in Never Say Never Again. He would introduce himself in the movies with the signature line, “Bond – James Bond.” But Connery was not happy to be just defined by the role and one reportedly said he “hated that damned James Bond.”

Sean Connery’s career beyond James Bond

After several failed attempts, Connery managed to break free of the James Bond mould and got recognition as a serious and versatile actor.

He retired from movies in 2005. He also battled throat cancer during his career. He is survived by his second wife, painter Micheline Roquebrune and son Jason Connery.


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