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Sonu Sood gets interim relief from HC in illegal construction case


The Bombay High Court has restrained the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) from taking any coercive action against actor Sonu Sood. The interim relied has been provided till January 13.

Notably, the BMC has alleged that the actor illegally converted a residential property into a commercial one without taking prior permission. The actor had approached the high court last week.

He has challenged the notice issued to him by BMC in October and an order passed by a civil court last month dismissing his suit against the civic body’s action. The lower court had granted three weeks’ time to Sonu Sood for filing an appeal.

The actor has claimed before the high court that he has not violated any norms.

Complaint against Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood lives in Shakti Sagar, a building in Juhu, Mumbai. It is a 6-floor building, a residential one, which is allegedly converted into a hotel. The BMC said that Sonu Sood converted the building into a hotel without proper permission.

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Along with that, the actor has allegedly done other illegal construction in his building. The BMC added that despite two rounds of inspections, Sonu Sood has not made any changes, and therefore they had to send a written complaint to the Juhu Police Station, requesting them to immediately file an FIR against Sonu Sood in the matter.

What BMC claims?

As per the BMC, Sonu Sood was first served a notice on October 27, 2020, and the deadline to respond to that ended November 26, 2020. However, the actor did not respond.

The complaint letter said that the development work carried out by the actor was in complete violation of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act.

The BMC added that on January 4, 2021, another inspection was made, wherein it was found that more unauthorised development was done by the actor on his property.

Sonu Sood was hailed as a hero after he helped a large number of migrants return home during the lockdown by hiring buses from Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra.


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