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Bomb Blast in South Nepal Kills 3 Including Police Inspector


Kathmandu: Three people including a police inspector were killed in a bomb blast in southern Nepal Dhanusha District early Saturday.

However, there were no reports of anyone being injured in the bomb blast. On the other hand, the cause of this bomb blast has not been revealed.Police said, The bomb was planted at one Rajesh Shah’s house in Kshireshwarnath Municipality by unknown persons.

Rajesh 42 and his son Ananta Shah 17 died on the spot. While Police Inspector Amir Dahal, incharge of Sakhuwa Mahendranagar-based Area Office, was seriously injured in the explosion. Dahal died undergoing treatment.

An hour later, another explosion took place on Rama 9 Road in which two women were injured. Police told that it was a bomb in the building and they believe it was planted by students from a nearby technical institute.

The device detonated outside a local residence after the owner called the police to report a suspicious object on his premises in Dhanusha district.Senior police official Pradhumna Karki told, “The blast occurred just as our team reached there to investigate. The owner, his son and a member of our force were killed.”