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Bollywood hot actress Disha Patni: world of boldness


Bollywood hot actress Disha Patni shares her new photo on social media that keep setting the fire on the hearts of people.In this way, by seeing the photos people are loosing their sweat.This hot pic of Disha viral in a few minutes and her fans and followers started giving reactions on it.

Disha is the brand ambassador of Calvin Klein.So, she shares the pictures by wearing this brand.This recently shared picture has received more than 2 million views and beside this there are some people who did not like this form of direction at all.Some of the fans were saying that-‘Disha is all right but such a picture is very strange.’ A fan also wrote-‘I am your big fan,but you are in this kind of picture?

But this bold avatar is well liked by some of the fans.That is why her picture got so many likes.Meanwhile, she was seen trolling some users.One user wrote-‘Shame on.’ So, someone jokingly wrote-‘Hey Diwali is coming, what are you wearing?’Another wrote -‘The rest of the celebs are wearing lengha,you have not changed it?’