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BJP targets Rahul Gandhi’s foreign trip when Congress celebrating 136th Foundation Day


BJP and Congress on Monday indulged in a war of words with leaders from both parties taking dig at each other. While the BJP criticised Rahul Gandhi’s foreign trip on Congress’ 136th Foundation Day, on Monday the Congress targeted PM Modi and equated the BJP’s rule with that of the East India Company over the farmers’ protest.

BJP targets Rahul Gandhi’s trip

BJP leader DK Aruna launched a scathing attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on his personal visit to Italy. She has also called him a “tourist politician”.

She said, “90 per cent of congress leaders doing their best to defend Rahul Gandhi’s Milan trip. When will you think about people and playing a role of the opposition? Farmer brothers and sisters don’t be misled by this tourist politician.”

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Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal has hit back at the BJP for attacking Rahul Gandhi over his visit to Milan.

He said, “Rahul Gandhi has gone to see his grandmother. Is it wrong? Everybody has the right to undertake personal visits. BJP is indulging in low-level politics. They are targeting Rahul Gandhi because they want to target only one leader.”

Congress targets BJP

Congress leader Randeep Surjewala has hit out at the BJP and accused the Prime Minister of behaving like the East India Company. He even said those who sat on the laps of the Britishers are now deciding the fate of the country and cannot see the pain of the farmers.

He said, “The Prime Minister should not act arbitrarily like East India Company. Forty-five farmers have died. How many more will have to die before the government talks to them?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday said the government should talk to farmers and take back the black farm laws. She said, “It is a sin to use the kind of words they are using for farmers. Government is answerable to the farmers. They should listen to them and take back the laws.”


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