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BJP trying to topple Rajasthan govt, claims Ashok Gehlot


Prakash Bhandari, Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot caught the BJP on the wrong foot by blaming the saffron party for its continued efforts to topple constitutionally established governments.

Having survived the rebellion led by his own deputy Sachin Pilot this summer, Gehlot is doubly-cautious and far more matured person now. But Gehlot well-saddled after the failed attempt by Pilot has taken the path of raising the alarm signal by dubbing BJP as a terminator when the BJP was itself in disarray having not been very successful in the municipal corporation in the state.

The outcry against the BJP, it is learned, was a political message as Rajasthan was witnessing panchayat elections. The last phase of the election was over yesterday. The next is the civic poll which is scheduled on December 8.

But the political observers said that Gehlot’s statement targeting the BJP while inaugurating the Congress office in a small town Shivganj in Sirohi district on Saturday should be read between the lines.

Gehlot by naming Union home minister Amit Shah and Union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan having met Pilot and 21 of his rebel friends to topple the government wanted to send a reminder to the high command.

In the political circle, it is said that Gehlot is getting calls from the Gandhi family to help the party in rejuvenating it. He is being tipped to fill the void caused by the death of Sonia Gandhi’s confidante Ahmed Patel. Gehot, who enjoys the support of Sonia Gandhi is badly wanted by her to help her in rebuilding the party that has suffered a series of electoral setbacks. Sonia is very firm that only Gehlot can strengthen her hands in the rebuilding process.

Gehlot, who is playing his third innings as the chief minister is in no mood to leave the state politics and has sent a message to the party’s high command that if he is forced to come to Delhi, the Congress government in the state will fall. He also sent a message that only he could save the government in the state. Gehlot is also being pressured by the party to take back Pilot as the deputy chief minister and also rehabilitate the two ministers Vishvendra Singh and Ramesh Meena, who were dismissed by him during the rebellion. Gehlot is not keen to take back Pilot, but has no reservation in taking back the two ministers.

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It is also said that Gehlot is also trying to send a message to the high command that Pilot should not be trusted after the rebellion that he led against his own government and Pilot does not deserve any place in the party’s organisational set up in Delhi and he is still in close touch with Jyotiraditya Scindia. Gehlot has been stressing that the BJP leadership is targeting Rajasthan and Maharashtra and the saffron outfit would try to destabilize the two governments.

His sole motive is to convince the party’s high command that only he could save the Congress government in case of any move by the BJP. The leader of Opposition Gulab Chand Kataria has been hinting that the Gehlot government would fall in the next six months and it would not be able to complete the full term.

The deputy leader of Opposition Rajendra Singh Rathore said that Gehlot is issuing baseless statements against the BJP just to avoid going to Delhi as the party is pressurising him to leave chief ministership and help the party which is like a sinking ship.

The BJP president Satish Poonia also said that the BJP was not keen to topple the government and the Congress government would collapse under its own weight as the party’s MLAs are not happy with Gehlot continuing in the office. He also said that the Congress MLAs have found that the development and welfare programme has suffered heavily under Gehlot’s leadership and the results of the panchayat and civic poll would prove that the party has lost its popularity.

There is also pressure from the loyalist Congress MLAs who sided with him during the political crisis in the state. They want Gehlot to expand his Cabinet and provide them a berth in the Cabinet.


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