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BJP Question Central Leadership After the Lost in Jharkhand Election Result


Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) in Jharkhand assembly elections – Congress-National Janata Dal coalition has got a clear majority in the result. JMM got 30, Congress got 16, RJD got 1 seat. While the BJP has won only 25 seats in the state. Apart from this, 2 candidates, CPI (ML) 1, JVP 3, NCP 1 and 2 independents have won.

In this election several BJP leaders including the former CM have faced defeat. Chief Minister Raghubar das has lost from his constituency Jamshedpur (East) to Sarai Rai, who is a member of the cabinet. In this election, BJP state president Laxman Gilluwa and legislative assembly speaker Dinesh Urano have also face the defeat. After bad results, the BJP has begun to question the central leadership.

After the defeat, BJP leaders asked PM Narendra Modi who was responsible for these consequences didn’t even try to show it. However, they acknowledged the defeat and said that if PM Narendra Modi was not there, BJP would have to see more evil defeat in the state.

On the other hand the ruling BJP, which could not achieve the desired success in Maharashtra and Haryana elections is now facing a defeat in Jharkhand. After this defeat, the party high command is also suffering. High command has sought a detailed report from Jharkhand in-charge Om Mathur and co-in-charge Nityanand Rai.

However, Om Mathur had clearly told the BJP cabinet before the election announcement, that he did not get enough time to prepare. Thus, the campaign was carried out under the leadership of Chief Minister Raghubar Das. Thus, the defeat has only been prepared for the defeat of Raghubar Das.