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BJP MPs Absent from the Meeting of Rising Pollution in Delhi


Increasing pollution in Delhi-NCR for the last few days. But a meeting was called in which only 5 out of 30 members arrived. After which BJP leader and former cricketer Gautam was absent in the meeting. He was seen eating Jalebi in Indore.

A meeting of Parliament’s Standing Committee for Urban Development was called to address the alarming rise in air pollution levels in the national capital region. All the members and officers of the committee had to go into it. But surprisingly, only 5 out of 30 members were present in the meeting. On this, the Aam Aadmi Party took on Gautam Gambhir. Some pictures of Gambhir’s eating Jalebi in Indore have been shared with the official Twitter account of AAP. The Aam Aadmi Party accused Gambhir of doing politics on pollution.

In the tweet made by the Aam Aadmi Party, “Delhi is choking due to pollution and Gambhir is busy enjoying in Indore.” The MP should come to Delhi and attend the meeting on air pollution. The meeting was canceled as MCD, DDA, Ministry of Environment and MPs of Delhi were absent.

Several tweets attacking Gambhir
In a tweet from the Twitter handle of the AAP, Gambhir was also accused of politics on the issue of pollution. In the tweet, “Gautam Gambhir will be present when he says to rule on pollution, but when it comes to work, Gautam Gambhir always runs away from his responsibility.” Another tweet wrote, “This happens when you select celeb as MP.”