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Gujarat BJP MLA draws flak for transferring Remdesivir to a COVID patient’s drip


BJP MLA from Kamrej VD Zalavadiya has stirred a controversy after a video surfaced on Sunday in which he was seen filling a syringe with Remdesivir injection and transferring it to a drip bottle which was to be administered to a COVID-19 patient at a COVID care facility at Sarthana. The facility is being operated by Zalavadiya and his supporters.

After the video went viral, Zalavadiya faced criticism for his act on social media as well as political circle, with the Congress leading the attack. The video is reportedly shot of May 17 and the BJP MLA did the act in front of a doctor and nurse, who are heard commenting and laughing in the video.

Congress critcises VD Zalavadiya

Congress spokesperson Jayrajsinh Parmar criticised him for the act and said Gujarat health minister Nitin Patel should get inspiration from the MLA and open a centre to train BJP workers in administering injections.

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Jayrajsinh Parmar said, “It is sad to see how Kamrej MLA Zalavadiya flaunts his skill. Taking inspiration from him, Nitin Patel (deputy CM with health portfolio) should set up a training centre on how to dress a wound and administer injection under the leadership of Zalavadiya.”

BJP MLA reacts

Attacking the Congress, VD Zalavadiya said, “Congress has nothing better to do than create controversy and criticise good works done by others. I did not administer the injection to any patient. I have only done a job that a compounder performs

“There were 10-15 doctors present with me. In the past 40 days, we have cured over 200 Covid patients,” the MLA said. He added that his party workers have been helping COVID patients which the Congress is opposing.


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