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BJP MLA Tripathi Opposes CAA, Says People Should Not be Divided on the Basis of Religion


Today, people associated with different organizations have announced the Bharat Bandh for the Citizenship Amendment Act. For the last more than a month there has been a protest in the entire country regarding this law. Despite this, BJP is not troubled by it. In such a situation, Amit Shah while addressing a rally in Lucknow said that while opposing the opposition, we will not withdraw this law at any cost. Even as Modi government refuses to back down on CAA despite nationwide protests, a BJP MLA from MP has taken a different stand, saying the law is creating a “civil war-like situation in every street”.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Narayan Tripathi on Tuesday said the country should not be divided in the name of religion and when asked for his opinion on CAA he said, “I am from a village and I am speaking on the basis of the circumstances of the village that I observed in past few days. The first thing is that whether we should follow the constitution of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, respect it or tear it down. It has been said in the constitution that there will be no partition on the basis of religion in a secular nation, even then it is being done. One thing is proved in this, either you are with the constitution or you are against the constitution”.

Narayan Tripathi further added, “People have stopped looking at each other. Muslims live in my in village and used to wish us every time they saw us but these days they do not even like to see us. Peace is not possible in such circumstances. We talk of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam( whole earth is one family) and if we divide people on the basis of religion, then this country will not be able to run.” On giving a statement from the party line, he said that this is my personal statement, it has nothing to do with the party. He said this is the voice of my heart.