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BJP minister calls congregation of Tablighi Jamaat “Talibani Crime”


Union minority affairs minister and BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Wednesday equated the holding of a religious congregation by the Tablighi Jamaat as a “Talibani crime” and an “unpardonable sin” that led to the spread of coronavirus across the country. So far, 128 cases of coronavirus In India have been linked to the congregation.

“Talibani Crime by Tablighi Jamaat. This is not negligence. It’s a serious criminal act. When the entire country is fighting united against Corona, such a sin is unpardonable,” Naqvi tweeted.

He also posted on his social media accounts messages by Muslim religious leaders appealing to people to strictly follow the coronavirus lockdown and other guidelines to control the virus.

According to the home ministry, some 2,100 foreigners visited India for Tablighi activities since January 1 and all of them first reported at its headquarters in Delhi’s Nizamuddin.

Some 2,100 people were evacuated from the Tabligh Jamaat headquarters, Markaz Nizamuddin. Hundreds of people had been staying in the building since a gathering in March.

The evacuations started on Monday amid a nationwide search for suspected coronavirus cases emerging from the gathering. A police case has been filed against the mosque administration.

The Home Ministry has told states to track down Tablighi members who travelled to various parts of the country.

Fifty have tested positive in Tamil Nadu, 24 in Delhi, 21 in Telangana, 21 in Andhra Pradesh, 10 in Andamans and one each in Assam and Jammu and Kashmir after attending the gathering. 824 foreigners had also travelled to different states and their details had been shared with the police chiefs, the Home Ministry said.