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BJP manifesto for AMC poll is a repeat of schemes already under consideration and some it rejected!


Laxmi Patel: The BJP manifesto for the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) elections is nothing but old wine in a new bottle. Some of the schemes are those that the BJP promised during the earlier elections but never got around to implementing.

Take for example the scheme that allowed for self-assessment of property tax. The BJP had announced it during the last election but never implemented it despite being in power in the AMC.

A similar scheme is already in place in Bangalore. It seems the BJP’s manifesto is a cut, copy, paste of its earlier manifesto and it failed to check ground realities about its previous promises. A lot of proposals the BJP made in the AMC budget are also part of its manifesto.

Take for example the BJP manifesto promise to bear the burden of providing infrastructure in societies that have a fewer number houses. A scheme already exists where private societies can be provided infrastructure facilities like roads, street lights, and gutter through grants given to corporators, MLAs, and MPs.

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Its earlier announcement of a Heritage City place is yet to be implemented while a scheme to permanently light up heritage buildings has already been approved and yet it finds a palace in the BJP’s manifesto.

BJP’s changes track

Foot overbridges have also been proposed in the AMC budget including one near the Jhansi Rani statue and close to the airport road but so far it has not been implemented. The BJP manifesto again talks of the same projects for the city.

Three multi-level parking projects were set aside duo the COVID pandemic and the one at Kankaria and Navrangpura have failed to evince interest in users but the manifesto again promises many such multi-level parking projects.

The BJP has also promised a cycle track although six months ago the ruling BJP had canceled the same at Science City Road.

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The original road development plan for Science City had a cycle track but when the actual work started it was removed from the plan.

At that time former standing committee chairman Amul Bhatt had argued that it was removed because it was not used and had said any new model roads in the city will not have a cycle track. Yet the party has promised new ones in its manifesto.

What is interesting is that the BJP has been in power in the AMC for at least 15 years but the city does not have a decent cycle track. The eastern party of the city has none while those on the western side are in a broken condition. Roads that were to have a cycle track had their plans changed and the track was removed. But despite all this, the BJP has promised more cycle tracks in its manifesto.


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