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Income Tax raid at my home was done to stop me from exposing wrong doings: BJP leader PVS Sharma


BJP Leader PVS  Sharma who is also the Surat City Vice-President of the party has alleged that he was targeted because he was going to expose the shenanigans through various documents.

The Income Tax department had carried out search operations at the house of PVS Sharma on Wednesday late night. The operations went on till early morning and several I-T officials are still present at his house. Sources said that the department has seized several documents and his mobile phone.

BJP leader PVS Sharma in the meantime has gone on a protest to seek recovery of his documents and mobile phone. Sharma has alleged that after his revelations, he had been called on October 27 to record his statement.

“They were afraid I would reveal more documents concerning the case and hence they searched my home late at night,” said Sharma.

He said the documents in his possessions expose corruption worth crores of rupees and the search operations were done to prevent the expose from happening.

“Even my mobile has been seized and I am protesting the same. I will continue to fight the wrongdoings,” said Sharma.

Have done nothing wrong: Kalamandir jewellers say in response to BJP leader PVS Sharma’s allegations

Kalamandir Jewellers owner Milan Shah in a presence conference announced that there were in the jewellery business for three decades. 

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“We are the largest jewellery seller and taxpayers in the city. We continued to pay our 400 employees their salary during the lockdown. For the last two days, the former income tax officer (PVS Sharma) is maligning us by releasing selective information,” said Shah.

Shah said Kalamandir is the highest tax-paying company and all of their details are available with the Registrar of Companies.

“PVS Sharma himself is a controversial income tax officer. One needs to questions how Sharma came in possession of official documents. We have paid Rs35 crore as tax in the last five years,” said Shah.

“The furniture at PVS Sharma’s house can buy me four houses in the city that is how lavishly he lives. PVS Sharma has joined hands with the Congress and is trying to threaten everyone,” alleged Shah.

“The numbers he is touting are fake and it is an attempt to gain some publicity. We have the audit report of 10 years which also clearly mentions the stock with us. Our turnover is Rs1300 crore,” said Shah.


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