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BJP Leader Pankaja Munde Removed ‘BJP’ from Her Twitter Bio


The BJP is expected to suffer another major setback in Maharashtra. Pankaja Munde has removed ‘BJP’ from her Twitter bio. Previously, his profile’s username was Pankaja Munde BJP, but now only @Pankajamunde has written on his Twitter page. The move is believed to be a sign of a major decision.

Significantly few days ago, through an emotional Facebook post, Pankaja said that after her defeat in the recently held Maharashtra Assembly polls, she had received several calls and messages from her supporters to meet, but could not do so because of the situation in the state.

नमस्कार मी पंकजा गोपीनाथ मुंडे…निवडणुका झाल्या निवडणुकीचे निकाल ही लागले. निकालानंतर राजकीय घडामोडी, कोअर कमिटीच्या…

Posted by Pankaja Gopinath Munde on Saturday, November 30, 2019

Pankaja is the daughter of BJP leader Gopinath Munde. She wrote in her Facebook post that “You are asking me for time. I am going to give you time for 8 to 10 days. These 8-10 days I want time to communicate with myself a little bit. What to do next? Which way to go? What can we give to our people? What is your power? What do people expect? I am going to be in the presence of all these things.”

Speculation about Pankaja going to Shiv Sena
Pankaja Munde was defeated in the Assembly elections this time by her cousin and NCP candidate Dhananjay Munde. His supporters blame Devendra Fadnavis for his defeat that he was deliberately executed. Dhananjay Munde was also with him at the time of NCP’s Ajit Pawar’s ‘Some Day Rebellion’, this has further deepen the suspicion of Pankaja supporters.