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BJP Footstep Shrinks in many States, Lost Supremacy in Five States this year


New Delhi: BJP’s concern over the ‘Congress-free India’ slogan has aggravated the Jharkhand assembly election results. The BJP has suffered a major loss in the elections. With this the big debate has started that the political size of BJP is constantly decreasing in most states of the country. Which is responsible for the work of the state governments or the BJP government sitting at the center? That question is now being discussed locally.

What was the position in 2017?
In December 2017, the NDA and BJP was the government of 19 states with about 72 percent of the population and 75 percent of the area. After losing to Jharkhand, the NDA government had saved 42% of the country’s population. At present, NDA has the key power in 16 states.

BJP lost power in these states
BJP has also suffered defeat in other states after slipping from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.Prior to March 2018, there was a BJP-TDP coalition government in Andhra Pradesh. However, after a dispute over the Special States was formed, the alliance with the BJP was broken. After that, in the Assembly elections held in 2019, YSR Congress formed the government in Andhra Pradesh and Jaganmohan Reddy became the Chief Minister.

In Maharashtra a few months back, the results came in support of the BJP, but the BJP’s dream of reaching power has failed. The Shiv Sena rebelled and formed a government with the NCP and Congress. In Haryana, BJP also got the highest number of votes, but the magic of the majority could not be touched. Eventually Dushyant Chautala formed a coalition government with the JJM.

In addition, the BJP, which formed the government along with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, broke the alliance in June-2018. This was followed by the first governor rule in the state and then the presidential rule. After the abolition of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir has been divided into two Union Territories. This is followed by the assembly in Jammu and Kashmir. Where assembly elections are yet to be held,Ladakh does not have an assembly.

On the one hand, in the Northeast BJP gave new signals by hoisting saffron, and on the other hand the BJP’s hands began to loose their strongholds. However, BJP’s defeat in Karnataka, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya has reduced the distance somewhat.In 2018, NDA had government in 21 states but now BJP’s graph is falling fast. Now NDA has only 16 such states left. And there are going to be elections in many states in the coming days, in such a situation, it will be interesting to see if Modi manages to retain his magic or whether the BJP will have to lose ground in the upcoming assembly elections towards these states too.

Now look at these states
After Jharkhand’s results, everyone’s eyes are focused on the Bihar elections. Where Nitish Kumar has already left the Mahagathbandhan and has joined the BJP. Elections are set to take place here in 2020.

With this, the real test of BJP is to be held in Delhi. Where the Kejriwal government is preparing to reach the throne of power again in the name of work, the BJP is also raising its own strategy by raising the issue of development. Elections will also be held here in early 2020. Which will decide what the public is thinking about the BJP?