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BJP councillor wins heart for entering manhole to fix clogged pipe


A local BJP councillor from Mangaluru is winning hearts on the internet after images of him coming out of a manhole went viral. Kadri-Kambala ward councillor Manohar Shetty had recently entered the manhole to fix a clogged pipe.

Shetty has been receiving non-stop praises after he decided to enter the manhole and fix a clogged pipe which was causing water to overflow. The overflowing drain was causing traffic problems and difficulty for pedestrians.

It may be noted that repeated attempts to clean the drain had already failed, following which Shetty called labourers to get the job done, but they refused to enter citing danger in entering the storm drain during monsoon season.

He had then ordered the city corporation to send a vehicle fixed with a high-speed water jet to clear the drain. However, the idea did not work.

Shetty then decided to enter the manhole himself as the situation was getting worse. “No one was ready to enter. Then, I decided to enter the manhole and clean the clogged pipe,” Shetty said.

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He along with four other workers cleaned the pipe for half a day and cleared the garbage stuck inside the pipe.

Shetty said: “We can’t force poor people to enter a manhole to clean the pipes for us. If something goes wrong, who will take responsibility? Which is why I decided to do the job myself. We can’t depend on officials for everything.”

Shetty also clarified that he did not enter the manhole for publicity and that it was a part of his duty.

“We are elected representatives. If we can do something quickly, we must do that,” he said.

Shetty concluded saying that he would enter a manhole again if required. “If people face civic problems in my ward, it is my primary responsibility to help them,” Shetty said.

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