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BJP-Congress are Accusing Each Other of Giving Reservation to Women in LRD Exam


Gandhinagar: For last 45 days, candidates have been agitating with the state government about their demands for the matter of giving reservation to women in LRD exam. These candidates are also alleging that Gujarat Vijay Rupani government has not yet paid any attention to this matter. At the same time, state Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel gave a big statement on this matter and said that after the decision of High Court the state government will take necessary action. Not only this, he blamed Congress for the movement. In response to which Congress had also organized a press conference and retaliated. While replying to Nitin Patel, Gujarat Congress state president Amit Chavda attacked the government fiercely. Not only this, he said that the Gujarat government is trying to suppress the voice of its own leaders.

Case is going on in HC
Talking to media about the matter Nitin Patel said, “The appeal is going on in HC. The matter is sub judice in HC. According to the court’s decision, the government will take further legal action.” According to the Central Government’s EWS, 10 percent reservation in government jobs is being given to economically backward people in Gujarat. The Gujarat government is trying to balance keeping in view the sentiments of every class, despite some of its communities agitating and went to HC. At present, this matter is going on in Gujarat HC. People should wait till the verdict comes. He said that for the past few days, there is an attempt to create unrest and controversy in Gujarat by agitating.

Who is responsible for the movement in past?
Nitin Patel attacked Congress about the movements taking place in Gujarat and said that Congress people are playing double game with the people of Gujarat and ask people of one society to agitate for the demand of reservation. Giving an example of agitation for the demand for Patidar reservation held in 2015, he said that during this time also Congress had taken such a double approach. At the same time, he alleged that Congress leaders do not sit down with government and discuss reservation. But they go in the middle of society and try to provoke them.

BJP MLA-Parliament supported
BJP MLA-Parliament has given its support on the matter of reservation. On this matter, Nitin Patel said, “No one should do this, people seeking reservation should take their people together by the meeting with concerned minister and officer or CM.”

Congress attack on government
A press conference was also organized by Gujarat Congress to take statement of Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel. Congress President Amit Chavda said, “The government is making a cruel joke with the candidates. LRD recruitment has been made only a joke. Corruption runs in the name of merit. The government is trying to suppress the voice of its own leaders. Separate statements of BJP leaders have created panic among all the people of the community. BJP leaders are misleading society with their statements. The government has not taken any action to demand SC, ST and other backward class candidates.

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