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Bin-Sachivalay Protest:Yuvraj Missing, Candidates left Alone on Streets


Gandhinagar: The SIT has been formed to investigate the irregularities in Bin-Sachivalay examination. Yuvraj Singh, who had become the student’s leader, has compromised with the government. Yuvrajsinh has left the candidates alone on the streets. While the students are still sitting on the streets. The students are demanding nothing less than to cancel the exam and get justice. Who is this Yuvraj Singh who has left the sisters alone?

We are not begging the government

Thousands of students demanding cancellation of the examination are still protesting in Gandhinagar. We are not begging to the government, we are asking for justice. The government had earlier said that we will form a SIT and there will be student’s representation in the SIT. But now, when the SIT has been constituted, we do not have any representation. They are only trying to supress the protests.

Where is Yuvrajsinh?

Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja and Yuvrajsinh had organised a joint press conference earlier and it is assumed that he has compromised with the government. The students who travelled from all across the state, who are hungry and thirsty, are still protesting. There is outrage among students as their leader Yuvrajsinh Jadeja has assumingly reached a compromised with the government. The protesters said “Yuvjraj do you have any humanity left in you? Yiu have left these sisters sitting alone on the streets? After meeting with the government where has Yuvraj disappeared?

Rachit Patel, a student said “we will not leave this ground, until and unless the exam is cancelled.” It look like Yuvrajsinh has changed is sides and now is with the government. While another candidate publicly told that after the meeting, Yuvraj Singh’s stand had changed. If we were in favour of SIT, why were we not consulted or informed? Now we will stay here and continue our protests. Did Yuvraj come here to become a political leader?

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