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Bin-sachivalay Case: Know The Developments Since Today Morning


Gandhinagar:  In the case of irregularities in the Bin-Sachivalay exams in the state, CM Vijay Rupani said “injustice won’t be dome to the honest students. If the allegations are found to be true, strict action will be taken.” Students have been agitating in Gandhinagar for last 30 hours for the irregularities in the Bin-Sachivalay exams. Vijay Rupani has assured that there will be transparency in the investigation. On the other hand it looks like the agitation may be called off as for now. The students are demanding formation of a SIT to probe the whole case. Congress leaders Amit Chavda and Hardik patel had reached Gandhinagar earlier. The students had protested against Hardik’s presence.

SIT to be formed to probe the irregularities in the exam

Taking seriously the agitation that has been going on for the last two days, the government today initiated a dialogue with the students. In a meeting with the Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja, student leaders led by a delegation of student leader Yuvrajsinh Jadeja addressed the joint press conference in the evening. It has been decided to constitute SIT for the purpose of investigating irregularities in the examination.

The Home Minister (state) announced that the first meeting of the SIT would be held tomorrow. After which the SIT will probe weather the paper has leaked or not? And will take strict action. The SIT will complete its investigation within 10 days and submit its report to the state government. Results will be postponed until this report concludes. Kamal Daya, Principal secretary will be the chairman in the SIT. Apart from this, IG Manoj Sasidharan and Mayank Chavda of Gandhinagar range will be members. It is notable that no member of the Secondary Services Selection Board has been named in this SIT.

Hardik Patel had to flee after protests

Congress leader Hardik Patel, who came to meet the agitating candidates, once again faced opposition. Earlier in the morning, slogans were also raised against Hardik Patel. Later in the evening, he was forced to leave the place of agitation again.

Protesters dissatisfied with the government’s SIT investigation

The agitators are dissatisfied with the government’s offer for an SIT investigation into irregularities in the examination of Bin-sachivalay clerks. Questioning the government’s SIT investigation, the students said, “We do not want a lollipop of the SIT investigation. The government has pressurised Yuvraj Singh. We are adamant on cancelling the exam. No politician is needed to join this movement. The agitators have warned that the government will get a definite answer in the 2022 elections.

Decision will be made in the interest of students: Rupani

Yuvraj Singh Jadeja, student leader at the Collector Office in Gandhinagar said, if the SIT is formed, our movement will be called off for time. There will be discussions with the Chief Secretary of CM Kailashanathan. The collector said that the committee will be constituted and investigation will be done.

Students oppose Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel, who came to meet the protesters, was opposed by the students. “Hardik Patel Go Back” solgans were raised. In response, Hardik Patel said that if you say go back to the opposition, who will stand with you?

Ravindra Jadeja’s sister also came in support of the students

Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s sister and Congress leader Nayanaba Jadeja also came to Gandhinagar to support the students. Nayanaba said that the hard work of the students will pay off. I reached out to support the students as a citizen. Opposition leaders also reached out to support the students. However, student leader Yuvraj Singh Jadeja made it clear that whoever is coming is welcome, but politics should not be done in this regard.

What did Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja say?

Talking about this, Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja said that the government is committed to protect the interests of the candidates. At present, all complaints of irregularities are under observation, which will be taken up after proper investigation. The state government is also sensitive on this issue and appealed to the students to understand the sensitivity of the government and go home. The Home Minister further said that an atmosphere of fear is being created by some political agents in the state.

Congress leader Amit Chavda and former Gujarat Chief Minister Shankarsinh Vaghela also arrived today to meet the agitating students. Where they expressed their support for the student movement. While Shankarsinh said, “I will call the Governor and request him to cancel the examination.”

Earlier, Youth Congress activists demonstrated at the home of Gujarat Secondary Services Selection Board chairman Ashit Vora in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. Police also arrested some Congress workers.