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Bihar education minister Mewalal Choudhary resigns within 3 days of taking oath


Bihar education minister Mewalal Choudhary on Thursday resigned from the Cabinet within three-days of taking oath. The NDA government in Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar was facing flak from the Opposition for making a tainted legislator as the education minister.

Notably, Mewalal Choudhary is already entangled in a three-year-old corruption case and the RJD questioned Nitish Kumar on why Choudhary was inducted in the cabinet. Three days back, Nitish Kumar and his 14-member cabinet took oath of office.

Corruption case against Mewalal Choudhary

A corruption case was filed against Mewalal Choudhary, the JD(U) MLA from Tarapur, in 2017. The case was filed against him over allegations of his involvement in the appointments of assistant professors and junior scientists as the vice-chancellor of Bhagalpur Agriculture University. He had to be suspended from the party after criticism from BJP, which was in the Opposition in Bihar at that time.

Interestingly, no chargesheet has been filed in the case so far.

Chaudhary, justifying his stand, had said that there are so many cases filed against legislators. He had said that a case had been filed, but he was yet to be proven guilty of the charges.

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Claiming that he was the informer in the case and not the wrongdoer, Choudhary also targeted RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav, who had spearheaded the attack against him. He said Tejashwi Yadav had corruption cases against him and should not be the one to point fingers.

Tejashwi Yadav’s attack on Bihar govt

Tejashwi Yadav accused Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of appointing “criminals” to retain power in state. He took to Twitter to launch an attack on the Nitish Kumar government.

“Power is protecting criminals. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has granted an exemption to loot and robbery by appointing Mewalal Chaudhary. The chief minister will continue his discourse on crime, corruption and communalism to save his chair. None of the minority communities were made ministers,” he posted.

He also said, “The real culprit is you. Why did you make him a minister? Your duplicity and gimmick will no longer be allowed to run”.


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