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Bihar cops restrained from using mobile phones, social media while on traffic, VIP duty


Cops in Bihar have been restrained from using social media, or mobile, or any electronic device, while on traffic or VVIP duty unless it is a special situation. Bihar is not the first state to issue such a directive. In 2019, Rajasthan has passed a similar order for police personnel.

The new restraining order has been passed by Bihar’s director general of police (DGP) SK Singhal. The DGP has written a letter to all senior cops in the state regarding the same. Singhal has clarified that violation of the order would result in disciplinary action against cops.

The order from the DGP comes due to rising complaints and reports about police personnel apparently being too busy on their smartphones during duty hours. The order mentions that cops are seen playing or talking on their smartphones or messaging each other at different parts of the city, which seems to be their “prime duty”.

The order also said the sight of on-duty police—particularly those at busy traffic signals, deputed to VIP/VVIP visits, or sent to control crowds at public events—were affecting the image of the force. It said such distractions could lead to negligence in police personnel’s conduct.

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The order has been passed to ensure that cops stay alert while on duty, and be ready to respond to law-and-order situations or a call for help from citizens.

Bihar not the only state

Bihar is not the first state to pass such an order against cops to regulate their conduct. Rajasthan government had passed a similar restraining order in September 2019 for cops deployed on traffic or VIP movement from using their mobile phones. The cops on traffic or VIP duty were directed to deposit their mobile phones with their senior officers while on duty.

They were also restrained from using mobile phones unnecessarily at demonstrations, fairs and festivals.


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