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Biden says US may extend deadline for evacuation from Afghanistan


Washington: The United States is considering extending the deadline beyond the scheduled date of August 31 to complete evacuation exercises.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, US President Joe Biden said that he hoped they would not have to extend the deadline but there were discussions to do so.

Biden has been facing severe criticism on account of the abrupt withdrawal of the United States from the war-torn Afghanistan. There are reports that he had been alerted of the rapid advancement of the Taliban and the imminent fall of Kabul.

On Sunday, Biden said that the US had evacuated about 11,000 people in 30 hours over the weekend.

“From August 21 to August 22, there have been 23 US military flights evacuating approximately 3,900 personnel from Afghanistan, and 35 coalition aircraft (including partners, foreign military, and commercial airlines) evacuating approximately 3,900 personnel,” the White House said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, there have been reports of targeted killings in areas where the Taliban have gained control, belying the group’s claim of push for peace. The Kabul airport reportedly continued to witness chaos as people kept pouring in with hopes of being airlifted out of Afghanistan. Reports suggest it is not easy to enter the airport. American officials confirmed to the AP that US military helicopters flew into Kabul to lift would-be evacuees.



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