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Bharat Bachao Rally: Priyanka Gandhi Attack PM Modi and Says ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’


Under the leadership of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Today the congress had organised a rally ‘Bharat Bachao’ at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. The purpose of this rally is to highlight the “divisive” policies of the BJP government. The top party leaders will address the rally and highlight the failures of the Modi government and the alleged efforts to divide the citizens of the country.

At the ‘Bharat Bachao’ rally, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, while addressing the people fiercely attacked the Modi government and explained the meaning of the country to the public. Priyanka Gandhi said that our country is a country of love and non-violence. This country is a dream of good and truth. This country give power to democracy. We have to save this country.

She said while addressing the Bharat Bachao rally, “You can see ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’ at every bus stop, every newspaper. But the reality is that if the BJP is there, it is possible to get onions at Rs 100 a kilo, if there is BJP it is possible for unemployment to climb to its highest figure in 45 years, if there is BJP it is possible for 4 crore jobs to be destroyed.”

Priyanka Gandhi said that this country has emerged from a movement. After 6 years of BJP’s rule, GDP is on the table. Small traders are unhappy. If BJP is there, 4 crore jobs are over. Yet Modi is possible in every bus stop in every commercial. BJP is 100 rupees onion is possible. It is possible to finish 4 crore jobs. Suicide of 15,000 farmers is possible. BJP is the law which is against the country, it is possible. If the BJP is there then it is possible to sell our PSU.

She said our economy was developing at a rate that the world turned their attention to, but in six years of the Modi government the economy has tanked, even the people are losing their jobs, factories are shutting down.The protest rally comes amid an economic slowdown and raging protests across the northeast and in West Bengal over the Citizenship Amendment Act.