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Beyt Dwarka’s signature bridge project cost surges by Rs 198 crore. How?


Gandhinagar: The cost of the four-lane cable-stayed signature bridge project between Okha and Beyt Dwarka has gone up by Rs 198 crore. The 25 per cent cost escalation has been reported during the last three years.

While the state does not seem to have an answer on the hike in project cost, it is raising questions on how the cost can surge by nearly Rs 200 crore when the tender and contract have already been agreed upon. Notably, the project cost is estimated at Rs 962.83 crore in comparison to an earlier cost of Rs 764 crore.

As per the 2017 work completion certificate, the cost of the bridge construction was pegged at Rs764 core. But now, the same has risen to Rs 962 crore. How did the project cost escalate by 25% in three years after the tender and contract were awarded for the project?

Who will bear the cost?

It further raises the question as to who will bear the additional Rs 200 crore (approx) for the project. The bridge, an ambitious infrastructure project of Gujarat, was among Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream projects.

The tender for the bridge was floated in 2017 and the contract for the project cost was fixed at Rs 764 crore. A consulting fee of Rs 2.6 crore was also paid to the consultant for the project. As per the tender consultant’s work completion certificate, the project was to be completed in 4 years at an estimated budget of Rs 764 crore.

Recently, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had visited the site in a hovercraft to oversee the construction of the bridge touted to be India’s longest cable-stayed bridge. The project was to help ease the transportation woes of devotees who wished to travel between Dwarka and Beyt Dwarka as well as the residents. At present, pilgrims use the ferry service between Dwarka and Beyt Dwarka.

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