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West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar refutes nepotism allegations


Under attack from the Trinamool Congress, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Monday refuted allegations of nepotism—a charge leveled against him by TMC MP Mahua Moitra.

Dhankhar on Monday took to Twitter to refute the allegations. He said, “Assertion @MahuaMoitra in tweet & Media that six coterminous appointee OSDs in personal staff are relatives is FACTUALLY WRONG. OSDs are from three states and belong to four different castes. None of them is part of close family. Four of them are not from my caste or state.”

Dhankhar claimed that Moitra’s allegation was a part of TMC’s “distraction strategy” to bypass attention from the “law and order scenario” in West Bengal. He said, “This is unfolding of ‘distraction strategy’ to divert attention from alarming law and order scenario.”

Allegations against Jagdeep Dhankhar

Mohua Moitra has alleged that people related to and close to the Governor have been appointed as officers on special duty (OSD) in Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. Moitra on Sunday tweeted a list of OSDs appointed at the Raj Bhavan and their relationship with Dhankhar. The list named OSD to Governor Abbhudoy Singh Sekhawat, OSD coordination Akhil Chowdhury, OSD administration Ruchi Dubey, OSD protocol Prasant Diksit, OSD IT Koustav S Valikar and newly appointed OSD Kishan Dhankar.

What Mahua Moitra claimed

Moitra claimed that Sekhawat was the son of Dhankhar’s brother-in-law, and Ruchi Dubey and Prasant Diksit were the wife and brother of his former aide-de-camp (ADC) Major Gorang Diksit, respectively. Koustav S Valikar is the brother-in-law of present ADC Janardan Rao, while Kishan Dhankar is another close relative of the governor, Moitra alleged.

“We all have the democratic right to ask him questions. He keeps asking questions to the state government. I would rather request him to look into the mirror. He has brought his entire village and entire clan to Raj Bhavan,” Moitra.


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