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Cheers! Beer to cost less in Rajasthan from April 1


For the first time, tipplers in Rajasthan will be able to buy both Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and the country liquor from the same shop. Earlier, country liquor was sold under a separate licence and from a different shop called “theka”.

Under the new excise policy, the composite liquor stores will be allowed to function that would sell both kinds of liquor. The allotment of the licence will be on the basis of the highest bidder.

The state aims to earn Rs 13,000 crores through the new excise policy. The COVID-19 charge on liquor will end under the new policy.

The new excise policy announced by the Rajasthan government will allow bar license holders to set up micro-breweries. Thus, hotels and restaurant will be able to sell pint beer.

Rajasthan govt withdraws duty

Beer in the state will become cheaper by Rs 30 to Rs 35 from April 1. The additional excise duty of 10 per cent on beer will be withdrawn. The state government received a lot of complaints from consumers about the high price of beers.

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A large number of tourists have sent written complaints to the state government over beer prices that encouraged its smuggling from neighbouring states, particularly Haryana.

Curb on liquor smuggling

The new excise policy suggests various measures to reduce liquor smuggling and it has made it mandatory for the shopkeepers to sell liquor through electronic bills.

The liquor shops will be allocated through e-auction instead of the lottery. To reduce the burden on traders amid the COVID-19 pandemic, annual fee has been abolished on IMFL and beer shops in the urban areas.

Currently, there are 7665 liquor shops in the state and under the new policy, a person will not be allowed to own more than five shops and not more than two shops in a district. This has been done to break the monopoly of big operators who owned chains of shops and enjoyed the freedom on selling price.


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