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Bareilly Finally Got Its Lost Jhuma After 54 years


A 54-year-old Jhumka has been found in Bareilly. Union Minister and local MP Santosh Gangwar unveiled a 14-feet high installation at the zero point on National Highway 24. The jhumka that weighs over 200 kilograms was installed on Saturday in the Parsakhera area and is embedded with colourful stones and decorated with the city’s famous zari embroidery.

The song came in 1966
The song of the film ‘Mera Saaya’ released in 1966 was ‘Jhumka Gira Re Bareilly Ke Bazaar Mein’. The song made Bareilly and its Jhumka connection famous all over the country. After this, in the songs of all other films there was mention of losing the jhumka in Bareilly market. In such a situation, it will not be wrong to say that Bareilly has got a jhumka after almost 54 years.

14 feet high and 270 kg weight
A point was fixed on the highway coming from Delhi to Bareilly which was made a jhumka weighs over 200 kilograms. According to the news, a meeting was held a few months ago about the smart city in which all the people including DIG, commissioner, BDA officer attended. During this time there was also discussion about Jhumka but the BDA was facing fund problem. In such a situation, Keshav Aggarwal, owner of Bareilly International University agreed to cooperate with BDA under CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility).

Brass procured from Moradabad, designing done in Gurugram
According to the news, brass was ordered for the Jhumka from Moradabad, a brass city. At the same time, its designing was done from Gurugram. Brass and copper have been used to make it. At the same time, it also took about eight months. Jhumka will be seen by people from about 200 meters away. According to sources associated with BDA, about 20 lakh rupees have been spent in this project. The people of Bareilly are very happy with this jhumka. However some people also believe that this jhumka should be made in the middle of the city.