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Case filed against Barack Obama in UP for insulting Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh in new book


A civil suit has been filed in Uttar Pradesh’s Lalganj Civil Court against former US President Barack Obama’s latest book ‘The Promised Land’ for allegedly “insulting” Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh.

The suit has been filed by a lawyer who has also demanded an FIR in this regard for hurting the sentiments of the Congress leaders’ followers.

The lawyer Gyan Prakash Shukla, who is also the national president of All India Rural Bar Association, has alleged that what Barack Obama has said on Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh is humiliating. He has termed it as an attack on the sovereignty of the country.

The hearing on the suit is likely to be held on December 1.

Supporters hurt

The lawyer claimed that the Congress leaders’ have millions of supporters and followers. He said that the remarks made by the former US president were not in good taste. He also argued that if the hurt supporters take to the streets to protest against the book, it could lead to a chaos. Therefore, he has demanded that an FIR be lodged against Barack Obama.

Shukla said that he will go on a fast outside the US embassy if the FIR against Barack Obama is not registered.

What is in Barack Obama’s book?

Former US President Barack Obama in his memoir ‘A Promised Land’ has mentioned Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of possessing a “nervous, unformed quality” of that of a student who is eager to impress the teacher, but lacks the aptitude and passion to master the subject.

In the memoir, Obama has discussed about political leaders from across the world.

On Rahul Gandhi, Obama says he has “a nervous, unformed quality about him, as if he were a student who’d done the coursework and was eager to impress the teacher but deep down lacked either the aptitude or the passion to master the subject,” according to The New York Times review.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi also appears to find mention in the memoir. The book says, “We are told of the handsomeness of men like Charlie Crist and Rahm Emanuel, but not the beauty of women, except for one or two instances, as in the case of Sonia Gandhi.”

Former US secretary of defence Bob Gates and former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh both come across as having a kind of impassive integrity, the review states.

Obama has remembered Manmohan Singh as a “man with uncommon wisdom” and he has also mentioned that Singh owed his position to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.


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