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Baba Ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad attempts suicide, admitted to hospital


Kanta Prasad, the owner of the famous roadside eatery ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar has attempted suicide and has been admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital.

Last year, Prasad became famous after a video shot by food blogger Gaurav Wasan went viral, resulting in people queuing up outside the small eatery amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Delhi Police said that they received information from Safdarjung Hospital that the octogenarian was admitted to the hospital after a suicide attempt. Kanta Prasad had consumed alcohol and sleeping pills and the hospital said in its report that he was unconscious. A statement by his son Karan said that his father had taken alcohol and sleeping pills. Police have launched a further probe in the matter.

Overnight fame

The elderly couple and their eatery became famous overnight after Wasan’s video went viral. Soon, funds for helping the couple started pouring in. However, a tussle started between Wasan and the elderly Prasad over the transfer of the money. Baba Ka Dhaba

With the fame and huge funds received in donations, the couple went on to open a restaurant. But the restaurant had to be shut in 2021 owing to losses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Eventually, Prasad and his wife returned to their roadside eatery.

Reconciliation with Gaurav Wasan

Kanta Prasad also tendered an apology to Wasan and said it was a misunderstanding. The food blogger too reconciled with the couple, saying all well that ends well and that he had forgiven the couple for their act. Recently, Gaurav Wasan posted a picture with the couple on his social media account.


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