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Ayesha Suicide Case: Accused husband Aarif nabbed from Rajasthan


The Gujarat Police on Monday arrested Aarif Khan, the husband of Ayesha, who committed suicide in Ahmedabad last month. Aarif Khan, who was absconding, was arrested in Pali.

Shyam Singh, a senior police officer of Jalore district, said that the Gujarat police arrested Khan and the Rajasthan Police extended all the required support. Aarif Khan belongs to Jalore.

Ayesha  Banu Makrani, 23, who worked for the ICCI Bank’s mutual fund division in Ahmedabad and was also a final year postgraduate student of MA in SV College of Ahmedabad committed suicide on February 23 by jumping into the Sabarmati river.

Ayesha recorded a message before suicide but did not blame her husband. She said that she was not committing suicide because of any pressure, but she is going to meet Allah, the almighty. But in an audio Ayesha has blamed her husband for exploiting her and demanding more dowry.

Gujarat police on a tip-off reached Jalore on Monday and were informed by the family members of Aarif that he had gone to Pali to attend a family wedding. The Gujarat police nabbed Aarif on the basis of his mobile location.

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Ayesha was married to Aarif in July 2018, but for the past year, she was living with her parents. She was allegedly tortured by Aarif and his family and once for three days she was not served any food. She informed her father about the maltreatment.

What Ayesha’s father said

After that Liyaqat Ali, the father of Ayesha brought her home and lodged a report in the police station against Aarif and his parents of domestic violence.

While interacting with Gujarat Exclusive, Liyaqat said his son-in-law used to pick fights with his daughter within two months of marriage. The in-laws also demanded dowry.

“My daughter put up with the abuse as she wanted to save her marriage. She also told us that her husband had another affair. When she took it up with her in-laws they scolded her,” said Liyaqat.

He said to save his daughter’s marriage he paid Rs 1.5 lakh in cash as dowry but they still sent her home not happy with their dowry demand not being met.


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