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Aunt marries off underage girls after uncle rapes one


One of two underage girls who were married off recently was found to have been raped by her own uncle in Ahmedabad. The Ahmedabad police arrested six people in this connection. The two girls, who are sisters, are aged 16 and 14 and were married off by their aunt.

Local media reports quoted cops (Ahmedabad police) as saying that the woman was in a hurry to get them married as one was allegedly raped by her husband. He also molested the other girl.

Probe also revealed that one of the grooms was underage. Those arrested include the uncle and aunt, the two grooms and the in-laws.

Media reports said the two sisters and their younger brother had been living with their aunt in East Ahmedabad for over a year now.

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They lost their father in 2015 and later their mother also died in an illness. For sometime, the children lived with their grandmother but eventually moved to live with their aunt.

While living with their aunt, the 16-year-old was raped by her uncle while the younger girl was molested by him.

This year in February, the two girls were married off to two men, one of whom was just 16-year-old.

The marriage happened in secret at their village. The girls had been living with their in-laws and had returned to their aunt’s place recently.

The elder of the teens managed to escape from the house and approach the police, media reports said.

Police then raided the house and rescued the younger sister and their eight-year-old brother.

The children have now been sent to live with their grandmother.

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