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At meeting with PM Modi, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani details steps taken by Gujarat to curb COVID-19 rise


Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday presented the steps taken by the state to combat the rise in COVID-19 cases post-Diwali.

Rupani detailed the steps taken at a virtual meeting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi held with the chief ministers of various states.

Home Minister Amit Shah was also present in the meeting.

Vijay Rupani lists efforts of Gujarat

Vijay Rupani said that given the surge in COVID-19 cases, the state had increased the number of beds for such patients across the state including Ahmedabad. He said the state has close to 55,000 isolation beds and of this 82%, which is about 45,000, are still empty.

Rupani said the state is also ensuring better coordination between 108 Ambulances and hospitals to ensure that patients can be treated immediately as they are brought to the hospital.

He also detailed the successful launch of the 104 helpline for COVID-19 patients under which patients can get consultation about the disease on phone.

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So far, over 2.78 lakh people have called the helpline. He said the number of general and community surveillance teams for COVID-19 has been increased and the Dhanvantari Raths in affected areas have also been increased from 1,100 to 1700.

The raths offer OPD services at the doorstep of affected patients. He said on Monday alone over 1 lakh people took the services offered by the rath.

COVID-19 tests increased

Vijay Rupani said the state has also increased the RT-PCR and Antigen tests. On Monday, the state carried out over 70,000 tests. Ahmedabad alone has seen over 11 lakh COVID-19 tests so far.

He also gave details of the Sanjivani Corona Seva for those who are under home isolation. The over 700 Sanjivani vehicles have catered to over 3000 calls every day.

The facility, unique to Gujarat, brings doctor and paramedic staff to check on those who are under home isolation. This ensures that the cases don’t aggravate and there is no need for hospitalisation.

Deputy chief minister Nitin Patel, Chief Secretary Anil Mukim, and other top officials were also present during the meeting.


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