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Ashok Gehlot takes a Dig at Rupani, “Even CM knows Alcohol openly consumed in Gujarat”


Ahmedabad: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gujarat is on Ahmedabad visit. During his visit, Gehlot attacked the state government over the liquor prohibition laws in the state.  Ashok Gehlot said “even the Chief Minister is aware about consumption and availability of alcohol in the state. On Friday, IMFL worth was seized from a school established by Gandhiji in Rajkot.

Even Rupani is aware of the situation

The Rajasthan Chief Minster fiercely attacked Vijay Rupani over the issue. Gehlot said “the youth of the state are turning towards alcohol. Gujarat has constantly filed over liquor prohibition.  Alcohol is openly consumed in the state. Even the Chief Minister knows this”.

IMFL was recovered from a school in Rajkot

The Rajkot police had recovered alcohol from a school established by Gandhiji in 1921. Gandhiji opposed foreign education and set up a new swadeshi based education school in Rajkot.

In Gujarat the debate on alcohol pops up once in every three months. The Home Ministry several times ascertains to take the investigation till MLA quarters. The Chief Ministers of neighbouring states have also complained in this regard. Come which ever government, no one has ever accepted that alcohol is openly available in the state. On the other hand, bootleggers are openly selling alcohol in the state. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, last month had commented on the availability of IMFL in the state and there were lot of heated debates on the matter. CM Vijay Rupani has said that alcohol was not consumed in Gujarat and neither it was available in the state and this was followed by heated debates between the two parties. Ghelot is currently on his Gujarat visit and is seen attacking the Chief Minister over the issue.

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